Grand Casino Hotel & Resort Shawnee – Oklahoma

Grand Casino Hotel & Resort Shawnee, Oklahoma is located in the heart of the Cimarron National Forest and the Oklahoma Panhandle, at the edge of the beautiful “Eel” Lake. The experience in Shawnee is not only of rugged mountains and prairie grasslands; it is of natural beauty and abundant greenery as well. The confluence of two great rivers, the Laughlin and White canals, provides ample opportunity for scenic river cruises.

grand casino hotel  resort shawnee

Lake Arrowhead is the largest lake in the contiguous United States, and for miles, visitors will enjoy experiencing the serenity of the gentle “Eel” Lake, whose calm waters float softly against the green hills. For those with a taste for the finer things in life, the sport fishing, sunsets on the water, and charming “Shark Lake” provide plenty of excitement.

Nearby in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, The Cotton Bowl offers many great activities and entertainment, including the Oklahoma City Zoo, and the May Festival in May. The Cotton Bowl is also home to the Oklahoma State Fair, which features live entertainment, rodeos, shows, and a variety of fair games.

In the heart of the Cimarron National Forest and near the town of Shawnee, Grand Casino Hotel & Resort Shawnee offers lodging accommodations. Whether a retreat or a beachfront resort, this fine hotel has everything from traditional hotels to high-end luxury lodges.

For those who prefer a rustic retreat in the old world, check out the Grand Casino Hotel & Resort Shawnee. Guests are spoiled for choice, as there are three suites available for every budget. Guests can rent the Perfect Bedroom, One Bedroom, and King Suite, which are all fully furnished, and offer nightly maid service, continental breakfast, and free use of the suite’s kitchenette.

If the desert views aren’t enough to please you, then try the Five Star Honeymoon suite or the Sky and Sea suite. Other suites include the Marina Suite and the Suite at the Silverado Golf Club.

When making your reservations, always choose the best available room. It is important to remember that the Grand Casino Hotel & Resort Shawnee offer many conveniences for those planning their stay. They may be willing to help with transport arrangements, and find the best place to stay close to the airport if traveling by car, as well as providing special bus and taxi service if traveling by foot.