Madelein Ozok, Head of Aurum Signature Studios: “If Your Dreams Do Not Scare You, They’re Not Huge Enough”

Aurum Signature Studios Exclusive Interview

Do you understand what our enthusiasm is? We enjoy bringing advanced slot evaluates

to your doorstep. And our second-favorite thing to do is talk with market leaders. We load up that chat into an unique iGaming interview– simply for you. Gambling establishments Online makes it simple for gamers to understand who they are having fun with, and who to trust. Today, we’re speaking to Aurum Signature Studios, who concentrate on bespoke special video games material, producing video games given that 2019.

  • Find out more about upcoming slots, and more from the Aurum Head of Studio, Madeleine Ozok. Hi Madelein, and welcome to our thrilling center of gambling-related details here at! We’re happy to be speaking to you. Could you begin by informing us a couple of truths about yourself?

Thank you for the chance to speak about my studio and group! I have actually remained in the gambling establishment service for over 23 years now and definitely enjoy the enjoyment and development of the market. I are among the fortunate individuals on the planet who can integrate my numbers mind with my imaginative spirit, surround myself with extremely skilled individuals making slot video games, and call it my task!

  • What is Aurum Signature Studios’ primary objective? What is it that you’re giving the table?

Our logo design has a snowflake representing our belief that everyone and every organization is special. Our objective is to make all consumers their own bespoke video game, distinct to them, with their very own signature. Aurum is Latin for gold, which talks to our pride in quality– quality video games, quality relationships, and a quality group culture.

  • Given that 2019, when you tattooed a handle Microgaming, you have actually released several video games. How do you select styles you select for your online slots?

Making bespoke video games is a cooperation in between the client and the studio, and hence styles are typically influenced by the client. We offer guidance utilizing information from the market’s finest carrying out video games, and they offer end user insights.

  • What is your individual favorite from the Aurum portfolio, and why?

That resembles asking who my preferred kid is– no such thing! I enjoy all 40+ video games we have actually produced in the studio. Every one is dynamic, enjoyable, and interesting to play. I do understand “A Tale of Fairies” has actually taken numerous hearts, those characters are quite charming.

A Tale of Elves Slot

  • Would you mind explaining what the slot-making procedure appears like at Aurum Signature Studios? It’s extremely driven by the relationship and partnership with the client; comprehending their wants and needs for a bespoke video game. Continuous feedback and conversations happen throughout the entire procedure. It begins with the consumer selecting a mathematics design and functions they desire in the video game, then the style is chosen, our artists show and stimulate, and after that we share for approval. We make up audio appropriate to the style and as soon as approvals are done, our advancement group construct the video game and gets it all set for screening and accreditation. At this time, we assemble marketing products, and the client prepares the video game launch date and promo.

    • Let’s speak about particular video games. Your very first 2 development releases were branded slots– deadmau5 and Burlesque by Dita. Has the gamer feedback been satisfying?

    In fact our very first 2 advancement international video games were Christmas themed video games! Joyful Extravagance in 2019 and A Tale of Fairies in 2020.

    • You have actually likewise set in movement several Mega Moolah variations– Jungle, Joker, and Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon. Which one would you single out and why?

    The art work in Jungle Mega Moolah (Kindred bespoke) is definitely lovely, Joker Mega Moolah (Betsson bespoke) includes the popular Betsson Joker and timeless signs, however we likewise did some updates on the functions of the Mega Moolah engine to improve the gamer experience.

    • What other releases could we get out of Aurum in 2022?

    We have 18– 20 strategy for 2022, with bespoke titles coming for a series of operators. We likewise have some international releases prepared such as Wild Love, Gold Factory Jackpots Mega Moolah and a Christmas themed video game with a fascinating spin.

    Gold Factory jackpots Mega Moolah

    • Prior to you go, exists anything else that you want to show our readers?

    “If your dreams do not frighten you, they’re not huge enough”– a slogan that has actually brought our studio through extremely frightening times in the previous 3 years. I hope it motivates others! We have some amazing times ahead and would like you to follow our progress.Source:

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