Grand Hotel and Casino – Shawnee Oklahoma

grand hotel and casino shawnee ok

Grand Hotel and Casino – Shawnee Oklahoma

The Grand Hotel and Casino are in Shawnee, Oklahoma. It is a fabulous getaway right on the banks of the Tennessee River.

The great thing about this awesome casino resort is that you can really experience a glamorous time from all the different locations that are around. You can enjoy your stay from their incredible staff members. I did find some of them to be really nice too. This is what drew me to this place.

One of the perks that they offer is a bonus activity called “Wakeboarding”. It’s a great adrenaline rush and I think it can be fun for people who don’t like to wakeboard at the same places that you do. But, you could still enjoy the whole package which includes the grand hotel and casino to try out a bit of everything.

There are some great attractions in Shawnee too. One is the Milner Zoo. It has been around for many years and it is still as exciting as ever.

Another thing that I really liked was the ship museum. I’ve had the opportunity to visit it before and you can do some great things while you’re there.

If you’re into education, Shawnee has many schools in it. It offers almost all levels of learning. They’re also proud of its close proximity to the cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

If you’re on the East Coast, Shawnee is about halfway between New York and Washington DC. This makes it easy to go to a lot of business conferences, book meetings, or attend shows. However, if you want to see the sights that it has to offer you, I highly recommend the ride up the beautiful river to see the view.

If you want to take a good look at the Grand Hotel and Casino, check it out on your next vacation to Oklahoma. It’s not far away and it’s worth it to check it out.